Thursday, February 02, 2006

Horse & cat "In The Night", German Shepherd & Gibbon & a Galah

I've managed to do the next two of the "In The Night" ACEO series, #2 is a chestnut stallion "Trojan In The Night" and #3 is another cat (yes I have a real big thing for cats at the moment:) "Boo In The Night". I almost couldn't part with them, but ended up listing these two and the first one of the series "Jedi In The Night" on Ebay.

Here are a couple more, "Kaiser" A German Shepherd Dog. I'm really pleased how this turned out, especially as the eyes are only about 3mm in size!

A Pink and Grey Galah (a common Australian native bird). I tried a looser more painterly approach with this one, which was created as part of an International Artists swap.

And a Gibbon (a primate) - when I saw the reference photo for this one I couldn't resist the priceless look on his face. I havn't quite decided what to do with this one, but need to come up with a suitable title first.

As well as getting these ACEO's done, I've also been able to get everything uploaded to the new gallery on my website, it looks much better now, and should be fairly easy for people to navigate.

And now its back to work:)


Blogger tlwest said...

All lovely ! That Gibbon looks like he is "Thinking..."

10:11 PM  
Blogger Michelle Wrighton Artist said...

Thanks, yes he does look like he is thinking, so I ended up calling this one "Lost In Thought", thanks for the suggestion!


1:26 PM  

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