Saturday, January 07, 2006

My First ACEO's posted on Ebay & new Ebay Store

Well I've gone and done it, it's taken me most of last night and today but I have successfully managed to create and Ebay Store for myself! I can't believe it has taken so long but I have added a couple of pieces of jewellery and have finally posted some auctions for the first lot of ACEO's that I have ever offered for sale.

Amongst this first lot is the ones shown below - Bronson, the Golden Retriever, Tao the Siamese kitten, Percival Pelican, River Reflections as well as a Fluffy Teddy bear and a frangipani. I have a few more to add in the next couple of days and a rather large quantity of jewellery to add to the store. That will be an ongoing project for a while seeing as I have yet to take photos of most of it!

If you would like to see the ACEO's and art jewellery in my Ebay Store PLEASE CLICK HERE




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