Saturday, December 31, 2005

Something New - Art card ACEO animals & florals

Well I have finally had a chance after the Christmas rush to sit down and have some fun creating art just for the sake of creating:) There are always so many things to inspire me, I don't think I will ever run out of inspiration for what to do next. LOL - the only hard part is deciding what I want to do first!

I did want to try something different, and seeing that there is such interest in miniature art - ACEO's - Art Cards, Edition's and Originals I decided to have a go at some just for fun. I even had a go at some florals and a bird!

If you have never heard of Art Card Miniature Art, there is a heap of information and a gallery of beautiful examples available at ACEO's started as trading cards that Artists world wide traded with each other, and eventually they were sold to the general public - affordable art for everyone! Many ACEO's are sold on Ebay - just search for the term ACEO and all the listing's will come up.

The main feature of ACEO's is that they are the size of trading cards - 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (yes that is tiny!). ACEO's can be created from any medium that larger artworks are created from and can be framed in tiny miniature art frames or displayed in trading card sleeves or books. Some people even create special books using decorative scrapbooking techniques. (If you havn't heard of the craft of scrapbooking, check out - I won't go into detail as I don't really know much about scrapbooking and with my tendency to get sidetracked with new projects I am not going to start looking into it!)

I'm thinking of doing a series of 'Collections' with these ACEO's and selling them on Ebay. I'm still tossing around ideas but I'm thinking along the lines of a series of cards in each of the following (or similar) collections: 'Midnight Garden' - for florals on black backgrounds, 'Fur Babies' for dogs and cats, 'Feathered Friends', for birds, 'Down on the Farm' - for farm animals...and other things along those lines. I'd love to know what you think about this idea! I'm contemplating a personal challenge of completing one ACEO for a year. Now like I said I am just contemplating it! It sounds like a fun idea....but a huge commitment all the same. Definitely requires more thought, maybe seven cards per week as I am sure there will be days where I can't get anything done. Stay tuned, I will decide soon!

ACEO : Pelican in colour pencil and acrylic

Close-Up cat: colour pencil

ACEO Floral: Frangipani

Oh dear, those last two pics are showing a bit bigger than they should be. Oh well my computer time is up so I shall have to fix it later. LOL - Next year even:)

Anyway, last day of the old year and all that, I do hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!



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