Saturday, January 14, 2006

ACEO: A Frog on a Log and going, going, gone!

I finally have a chance to add an entry this week!

This is my latest ACEO of a green tree frog, titled "Frog on A Log" (ACEO #15), which I will be listing on Ebay either later today or tomorrow. This will be the only opportunity to own this cute little frog because if he dosn't sell, my hubby has claimed him!

This photo is a cropped enlarged version showing some of the detail.

and another landscape "Snow Covered Mountain"

I did this one for the Ebay ACEO Artists group weekly challenge, but I am not really sure about it - it might just be that I am so unfamiliar with snow that I am not sure I have rendered it in a believeable way (I've seen snow once in my life, and was aiming for an Impressionist style landscape, so it not surprising that I am unsure of the finished piece). Maybe it will grow on me over the next few days. LOL - if not I will just chalk it up to experience!

The first lot of ACEO's I have ever offered for sale (including the Golden Retriever, Siamese Kitten, the pelican, frangipani and Teddy bear) will be ending on Ebay in the next few hours, if you collect ACEO's have a look as some of them don't have any bids.

Click here to view current Ebay auctions.

Because of the cost of listing items on Ebay, it seems that many artists don't re-list items that don't sell at auction, but list them in their Ebay Stores at a much higher retail price. This makes sense to me - apart from the cost of Ebay fees, I think way to many artists undervalue their work - and is something I am considering on doing with my own Ebay store - I'd love to hear your opinion (as an artist or art collector) on having a policy like this.

If I am lucky I can run to my studio and grab a couple of hours to myself, and hopefully create a masterpiece!

Bye for now


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Blogger tlwest said...

What a cute frog!

11:03 PM  
Blogger TeAnne said...

Hi Michelle, I finally put a link in my blog back to you. I love your frogs :) TeAnne

2:11 AM  

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