Thursday, December 22, 2005

An Australian Kelpie for Christmas!

Wow Christmas seems to have come around so quickly this year! I've finished my last Christmas commission, a commermorative portrait of a beautiful Australian Kelpie called Tas who recently passed away. This portrait was done on Art Spectrum blue-grey Colourfix paper, 9 x 12inches with a pastel underpainting and all the top layers of detail done in artists colour pencils.

Breed Profile: The Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie was developed in the 1800's by a small group of Australian Pastoralists from the inter-mixing of offspring of three pairs of working sheepdogs from Scotland.

Kelpies are an alert, eager, highly intelligent, loving, gentle, easily trained, loyal and devoted breed. Although devloped as a sheepdog - a job at which they excel, Kelpies also make wonderful family pets for people who can accomodate their mental and physical activity needs with pleanty of excercise and activities that allows them to use their intelligence, like Obedience training, agility, tracking or other dog sports.

The Australian Kelpie is of medium size, with males usually between 46 - 51 cm (18 - 20 inches) and females betwee 43 - 48 cm (17 - 19 inches).

The Kelpie has a moderately short coat (imagine somehwhere between a German Shepherd Dog and a Doberman), and has seven different colour variations: Red, Red and Tan, Black, BLack and tan, Chocolate, fawn and Smoke blue.

Follow the link below to see photos of different Australian Kelpie dogs:

Now I just have to finish and frame Amarok's portrait and I can have a short holiday over Christmas and do some 'non-commission' art for myself:)

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year, wherever you may be in the world!




Blogger The Epiphany Artist said...

Wow your dog portraits are wonderful! Merry Christmas!

10:40 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Thank you! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

5:01 PM  

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