Friday, January 06, 2006

ACEO's - miniature dogs, cats, landscapes and more!

It really is no wonder that these ACEO's are taking the art world by storm, they are so much fun to do and I am finding them quite addictive:)

I will admit that it is really difficult to get a lot of detail into a painting that is a maximum size of 2.5 by 3.5 inches (the same size as normal trading cards), I'm finding that they are a really good oportunity for me to experiment with a looser, less photorealistic style.

Here are a few that I have done this week, I might try listing some of them on and the new art auction at the Art-Cards.Org site (I'll post an update when they are listed for auction).

The first one is a lovely golden retriever ACEO portrait:

A sweet little Siamese Kitten:

A bird this time, a Pink Flamingo:

and something different for me, a landscape - impressionistic in style?

I do have a few more but I will post them on the new ACEO gallery that I am setting up on my website Pencil Portraits as soon as I sort out an image size problem that I seem to be having.

I'm contemplating opening an Ebay store for my ACEO's, small format art and art jewellery...if I can find enough hours in the day! I'd love to hear if you think this is a good idea or not (what can I say, I'm a Libran and making a decision takes forever!)

Ciao for now!



Blogger Lori said...

I can't believe these are ACEO size. Wow! Lovely softness to them!

9:19 PM  

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