Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thank goodness for miniature art!

I am so glad that I found the world of miniatures, the last couple of weeks have been so busy that ACEO size art is the only art work that I can get finished (LOL not that ACEO's are really that quick, most of them are taking me two hours or so, but compared to larger works they are quick).

I'm sure that things will settle down (time wise at least) when the kids go back to school next week and I will have some decent 'art time' and get back to my commission work (and go back to providing some informative blog entries about the animals in my art).

I'm also in the process of changing the gallery on my website, the new one is easier to maintain and looks a lot nicer as well. Hopefully that will be made live sometime next week.

In the meantime, here are my newest ACEO's:

'Cob', Rottweiler dog

Jedi In The Night, torti cat. This is probably my favourite ACEO that I have done so far, and is the first of my "In the Night" series. I like this one so much that I'm not sure if I actually want to list it on Ebay!

"Shakespeare's Whiskers", Tuxedo cat

"A Giraffe Called Azizi". This one was created as part of a group swap with other artists around the world and is now on its way to its new home in the USA. "Azizi" is a Swahili name and Kiswahili word that means "a treasure, excellent; precious one." LOL - I hope the artist who get's this one thinks so:)

And last but not least is "Surprised Miss Marmalade", a cute maralade and white kitten with a very surprised look on her face.

Marmalade, Cob, Shakespeare, Prudence the Persian and the polar bear are all currently on Ebay and can be viewed in my store Art By Michelle

Bye for now and Happy Australia Day for any aussies who read this blog!



Blogger tlwest said...

A Giraffe Called Azizi LOL that is such a neat one!

11:32 PM  
Blogger Michelle Wrighton Artist said...

Thanks Terri! I can't help it, I get so attached to the animals that I draw that I have to name them if its an animal that I don't know.

I was a bit sad to part with him, but he has gone to a good home with another ACEO loving artist:)

11:39 PM  

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