Thursday, November 17, 2005

Life gets in the way!

Well so much for daily posting! After a full week of all five of us having an awful gastro, then hubby being hospitalized for four days (unrelated but serious medical condition), I was finally able to pick up my pencil yesterday to do some more work on a graphite commission. I am reasonably happy with the way it is progressing, considering it is a shocking reference photo (the nose, muzzle and lips are a solid black blob when they shouldn't be - its a brown Rhodesian Ridgeback dog and the photo has very little definition of the eyes). Unfortunately the dog has gone to the Rainbow Bridge so additional photos are not possible.

I will post a photo of the piece later, I did take a couple of shots but the camera batteries are going flat and they didn't work. In the meantime I am off to do some more work on this portrait.

Bye for now!



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