Saturday, November 05, 2005

Patience is a virtue...

...or so I am told. I definitely need to develop more I think! I have entered some of my art and jewellery in a local art competition this weekend. Judging was yesterday but I will not find out until tomorrow how I went. Mind you, after the glimpses of the really outstanding artwork that I was able to see when I dropped mine off I am not expecting any awards at all, I just can't wait to have a good look at the other artwork!

I managed to do a little more on Amarok's portrait, havn't taken a pic of the updates as yet, I think I probably need to do a bit more before there is anything really noticeably changed. The white fur on her muzzle is still not to my liking - it has lots of colours, creams, greys and blues but it still hasn't got the depth that I am aiming to achieve. Time for a bit more painting I think. If it fines up later today I might be able to get a better photo of the portrait.

Bye for now!



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