Tuesday, November 01, 2005

'Intense' Tabby cat in pastel and colour pencil

An example of my artwork. This piece recently won an award in the first art show I have ever entered.


Blogger Faira said...

Very nice work! I used to do a lot of Oils and charcoals years back and then we bought a smaller house and one excuse led to another and I just quit. In fact I will go and post three things I did that I know I have a picture of around here someplace, and you can come check it out if you like. Although my sight usually runs to- my garden and my pets. I have been thinking about getting back into my art. And after seeing your beautiful art work it makes me even more determined. Thank you!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Michelle Wrighton Artist said...

Hi Faira! Thanks for your lovely comments on my work and I am really glad that I have inspired you to take up your art again!


7:31 AM  

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