Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My new Art blog

Yesterday I started a separate blog for my 'other' art which is considerably different than the pet portraits that I do. The majority of my other artwork is created in the small format (under 14" in any one direction), and a lot of it is experimenting with different techniques and styles other than realism. In the last two weeks my Muse has taken me off in a completely different direction and I havn't yet started any of the animal breeds series that I have planned.

I'm hoping that maintaining two blogs won't take too much time and I have contemplated moving this blog over to my website but will wait and see what happens in the next few weeks...or months as the case may be:)

If you would like to exchange links with my new blog please let me know. There is very little new artwork over there just now but I will be adding more throughout this week.

I've also started listing some ACEO's and artwork at Art By Us and Art Cards Wanted (see my links on the right), Ebay just seems to be having one problem after another with the search facility and category listings and it is costing too much in fees to be listing there at the moment when the majority of the time items arn't even showing up in searches.



Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just to be different - Modern Contemporary Landscapes!

Just to be different I have painted several modern/contemporary abstracts which are very different to the more normal highly detailed and realistic animals I normally do. My aim with these was in fact to avoid lots of detail and take the minimalist approach. These are all 4"x4" art squared pieces, acrylic on canvas. I really enjoyed doing these and have listed two on Ebay to see how they go - they were a lot of fun and in between commissions, I plan on doing a lot more in this small format size.


Tall Poppies

View From The Dunes