Monday, August 20, 2007

A change of purpose

Yes dear readers, I know I have suddenly posted a number of images of my artwork here after previously stating that I was no longer posting here because I was moving to my Main Blog ...well, I have done that and will continue using my main blog for all the informative posts, work in progress and art demonstration blog posts but....

This blog continues to receive a fair bit of traffic and I have just found out that I can re-direct my images from Flickr over to here, (and as I personally I hate coming across blogs that are not updated regularly) so I have decided that rather than leave this blog idle, I will send some of my finished artwork images over hear from my Flickr account. Finished artwork might end up being posted here before I get to post it on my main blog, you never know!

I just don't have the time to write posts here (and don't see the point of duplicating posts from my main blog) but if you are interested in reading about the inspiration or stories behind my artwork, or information about the animals that I portray, or if you like watching artwork come to life in work-in-progress and art demonstration posts, then please visit my main blog on my website Blog



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